Sleep Therapy Services


Do you feel like you haven’t slept?
    ….hate to hear the alarm go off?  


Working with your physician, Performance Home
Medical can help! 
We provide sleep therapy
equipment and services that can change your life! 

Utilizing the latest technology available we set up your PAP equipment and help you adjust to treatment through on-going follow up, problem solving, refitting and encouraging you to improve your quality of your life.  Click here for information on this topic from Harvard Medical School and other noted physicians across the county.

Once an order is received from your physician, within 24-48 hours we contact you letting you know what is happening; we check with your insurance, obtain any required authorizations and then re-contact you to schedule an appointment at one of our offices or your home.  We explain your insurance benefits and give you an estimate of any financial responsibility you may have after insurance.  

An initial PAP set-up generally takes about 1 hour; clients frequently include their spouse or other family members in the set-up. 

After we have completed the set-up and obtained all the required paperwork, we bill your insurance before we bill you any difference. 

We serve King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston and Spokane counties in Washington State.  



After starting PAP treatment
most patients wake up     
refreshed and
ready to start their day! 

……..No caffeine required!!




Click here for information on equipment & supplies