Sleep Therapy Equipment & Supplies

Performance Home Medical provides our customers with the latest technology from the leading manufacturers of sleep therapy equipment and products! 

Both Respironics System One P series and ResMed’s S9 Elite offer quality and innovation for the new or experienced PAP user. They are available in various models with different features as prescribed by your physician. 



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Performance stocks most every type and size of supplies you may need for your sleep equipment, such as replacement filters, hoses, headgear, interfaces, masks, cushions, pillows, comfort care pads, battery packs, AC adapters, special PAP bed pillows, bed wedges, mask cleaning supplies and various other items. 

For our patients in need of supplies, this website is designed to make re-ordering easy.  Simply click here or go to the Supply section on the left side menu and complete the form, then click send at the bottom of the page; your order will be sent to us.   Within 1-2 business days, one of our friendly customer service representatives will check your account to see what and when you last ordered, make sure we have a valid prescription from your physician, make sure you are eligible to get new supplies under your insurance plan and then contact you to work out the details of your order.  They can ship the order or hold it in will-call for you as you wish.    

For information on cleaning your mask or pillows click here.


PAP Interfaces

PAP Interfaces come in three types of products….and just like shoes, come in multiple styles, shapes and sizes to fit your unique facial structure and sleeping habits.   No charge fitting appointments are available at any of our conveniently located offices where one of our expert clinical staff will help you find the right style and size to meet your needs! 

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Manufacturers continuously introduce new and better products to help patients with comfort and fit.  It is important to replace your mask, headgear, tubing and cushions regularly as they do wear and change the fit of the interface, leading to leaks that disrupt your sleep again.  Most insurance plans pay for replacement masks at least twice a year and cushions more frequently.  Please check with your insurance plan or our office to find out how frequently your plan will cover new supplies.


Nasal Mask
The Nasal Mask is the most commonly used type of interface.  A nasal mask fits over the nose and is held in place by adjustable headgear.  Chin straps can be added to work as a reminder to breathe through the nose.  We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes from all major manufacturers.    

Here are a few examples of the products we carry:


Respironics – Comfort Classic
Respironics – Easy Life
Fisher & Paykel - Zest
ResMed Ultra Mirage II


Nasal Pillows
Nasal pillows are also very popular interfaces and are frequently used for patients that prefer minimal contact on their face.  Most of the nasal pillows allow the patient to read or watch TV while wearing them as they do not block vision.   The “pillow” cushions fit into the nostrils on your nose and are held in place by headgear.  We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes from all major manufacturers.   

Here are a few examples of the products we carry:


Fisher Paykel – Opus
ResMed - Swift FX


Full Face Mask
The term full face masks actually refers to a mask that covers both the nose and mouth, but does not cover the rest of the face.  They are frequently used for patients who need to sleep with their mouth open or who have facial hair or other reasons why it is difficult to find a mask that does not leak.   Full face masks are not used frequently as many patients find them claustrophobic or awkward. 

Here are a few examples of the products we carry:

Respironics-Comfort Full 2
Respironics – Comfort Gel Full
Fisher & Paykel - Forma
ResMed – Quatro


Comfort Care Pad    

The Comfort Care pad is new and many of our patients are finding it helpful to maintain their mask seal and for general comfort. Click here to learn more about this pad. 

  • Decreases skin breakdown and facial sores
  • Acts as a barrier between mask and skin
  • Improves mask comfort- nasal & full face
  • Covered by most insurance plans 
  • Wash with warm water before each use.
  • Recommended replacement is approximately every 30 days.

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