Knowing how long your portable oxygen cylinders will last is very important before you leave your home.  Planning is essential to make sure you do not run out of oxygen while away! 

For patients using conserver devices:

Below are links to duration charts that are based upon the use of a conserver device by the average users breathing frequency; actual duration times may change based upon your breathing frequency.  Most people breathe more frequently when they walk or get other types of exercise, so be aware that exercise usually reduces the time your tanks will last.  If you breathe more than 20 times per minute your tanks will not last as long as the charts say.  Alternately, if you breathe less than 20 times per minute they may last longer. 


To determine the duration of your tanks you must:

  1. Identify what type portable oxygen system you have.
  2. Click the link to go to the chart that has your equipment listed.
  3. Go to the column that has your, with exercise liter flow listed.
  4. Find the tank size you use.
  5. It will show you what the average duration time is. 


The systems listed are:

Invacare HomeFill™ Oxygen System 

Click here for the Invacare HomeFill™ Duration and Fill Time charts (with conserver)


Respironics UltraFill Oxygen System

Click here for conserver use - Respironics UltraFill Duration and Fill Time charts
Click here for continuous flow - Respironics UltraFill Duration & Fill Time charts


Standard Systems – with cart or carry bag

Click here for conserver use of Standard Portable system
Click here for continuous flow on Standard Portable system